After the global success of their unique take on rhythm and physical theatre, Luke Cresswell and Steve McNicholas have taken the STOMP concept to a new level. Where STOMP creates rhythm with everyday objects, The Lost and Found Orchestra transforms everyday objects into a plethora of invented instruments. The Lost and Found Orchestra recreates every section of a symphony orchestra, using musical saws, bottles, whirly toys and traffic cones. Out of chaos is formed an orchestra.

Luke Cresswell and Steve McNicholas were approached by the Brighton Festival commissioning a new work for their 40th anniversary. In only 6 months, instruments had to be invented and reinvented from scratch, and an entire score composed. With the help of a crew made up of experienced STOMP personnel, expert instrument designer Paul Marshall advising and with UK musicians who were prepared to abandon their instruments and learn how to play saws and hosepipes, The Lost and Found Orchestra premiered in May 2006.

Since then the show has broken box office records at Sydney Opera House and played extended runs at London's Royal Festival Hall, Amsterdam's Carre theatre and Paris' Casino de Paris.

After being reworked in 2012's, the show returned to Amsterdam and Brighton with a dazzling array of homemade instruments, a mix of veteran STOMP performers, classical musicians, physical comedians and aerialists, The Lost and Found Orchestra's performance climaxes with the human voice being added to the mix. What begins with simple melodies plucked, blown, thumped and brushed into life, ends in a complex symphonic and choral celebration!



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