Ennio Marchetto 


"Hysterical! Addictive! A pulsating, one-of-a-kind act! Thank goodness Ennio Marchetto never grew out of playing with paper dolls" 

Associated Press


"it’s an absolute hoot… irrepressible" 

The New York Times


"Paper with a pulse... Flat-out funny!!!" 

Hollywood Reporter


"A genuinely fresh twist. One amusing outfit after another to a cavalcade of pop songs" 

The Huffington Post


"A Unique performer who parades a veritable tour of popular culture and a whirlwind entertainment. Unusual, clever and inspired!" 



"Ennio, the one man show starring comic genius Ennio Marchetto has been extended and you’re a nightmare if you don’t drop your glassware and run to see it…" 

The Village Voice


"A sustained hour of heaven by an entertainer touched by genius…this is performance at its crazy, creative unfettered best" 

Time Out London


"A true Paper Tiger" 

Evening Standard


"Marchetto doesn’t just impersonate the stars, he sends them up rotten…" 

The Guardian


"What this boy does with his body plus a soundtrack plus coloured paper is wonderfully, wickedly funny…" 

The Observer


"His world of quirkily irreverent laughter brings a sense of joy and release to audiences stranded in a world of humourless politicians and supremos..." 

The Stage


"Irresistible…Marchetto is in serious danger of giving mime a good name…" 

The Sunday Times


"Ennio is amazing, inventive and truly out of the ordinary.. you must see it" 

Beverly Hills Courier


"Like the late Matisse… raises paper cutting to an art form, mimicry to a theatrical realm" 

The Boston Globe


"If you have a sense of humour, you’ll love Ennio… side splitting funny… he deserves a 10 star rating" 

Beverly Hills Weekly


"You’ve never see anything like Ennio. A one-man Beach Blanket Babylon. His costumes are brilliant and hilarious. A laugh-out-loud funny show that is a burst of music, comedy and creativity" 

Oakland Tribune


"Italian super mime, Ennio, is an origami extravaganza of celebrity impressions, a hilarious parade of delights and surprises. An immensely entertaining, pleasurable, playful evening. A dream of a show" 

San Francisco Examiner


"Ennio is electric, eclectic shocker. Breezy, Campy, Fun" 

San Jose Mercury


"An amazing, sensational comedy masterpiece. it’s a brand new form of comedy and it’s the cleverest and funniest show I’ve seen in years. This is a show for everyone. I was overwhelmed" 

Jerry Friedman, KGO radio


"A rare pleasure. Just be ready to laugh" 

SF Bay Guardian


"Ein Gesamtkunstwerk" 

Wiesbadener Kurier


"Die Begeisterung war nicht mehr steigerbar" 

Leipziger Volkszeitung


"Gut gebrüllt, Papierlöwe" 

Berliner Zeitung





1987: Golden Lion, Venice Entertainment Festival

1988: Zanzara d'Oro, "Best New Comedian" category (Bologna)

1994: nominated for the Laurence Olivier Award for Best Entertainment

1995: "Best Show", Cannes Performance d'Acteur

1996: FAD Sebastià Gasch Award (Barcelona)

1999: nominated for New York Drama Desk Award for a "Unique Theatrical Experience"

1999: Back Stage West Garland Award, "Best Costume Design" (LA)

2007: Arosa Schneestern, Audience award from the Arosa Humor-Festival

2008: nominated for the IRNE Award, "Best solo performance at a large theatre" category (Boston)

2011: NYMF award for "Outstanding Performance", New York Musical Theatre Festival


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